Southern Tier: Mokah

Mokah from Southern Tier Brewing Company is listed as “a blend of choklat & jahva stout” according to the website. I have not had those ones before but I have had this one. It is damn tasty and damn fine.

When empirical and creative impulses collide, the result is often timeless. The classic utility-art aesthetic of the coffee maker is an example of design and engineering working in concert.

It is through similar cooperation that the simple bitter cocoa bean is transformed into a sweet treat. As scientists, our brewers utilize their materials to exacting standards. As artists, they couldn’t resist the temptation to combine two of our highly acclaimed Blackwater Series Imperial Stouts: Jahva and Choklat. Alone each is perfect, but together as Mokah they are an inimitable expression of two of the world’s most sought after flavors. Enjoy Mokah stout with—or as—your favorite dessert!

Mokah carries a deep roasted coffee aroma. I wish I was able to taste the two of these beers seperate but the blend of the two is reminiscent of bittersweet chocolate and then a crystal sweetness comes about and is cut by a bit of alcohol. Very nicely blended though. It does not over power the beer. Dark and Crisp. No Old Raspy, but one of the best stouts I have ever had. Vanilla on the top of all that as well. This beer has a great body. It just rolls off the tongue. Slick, but not oily or syrupy. Just sweet and smooth. Like drinking some fine cognac… but seventy three times better.


Southern Tier: Mokah

4 thoughts on “Southern Tier: Mokah

  1. Exactly 73 times better. I haven't had this, but I have had Creme Brulee and Choklat and both were awesome beers. Def a beer for the person who wants to get a flavor kick in the throat along with some good alcohol, not harsh alcohol though. Southern Tier is an underrated brewery in my opinion. I've had nothing but good beer from them. Cheers!


  2. Southern Tier is good stuff. Gotta admit, I like their big bottled offerings more than their 12 oz. Backburner (a barleywine), Iniquity (Imperial Black IPA), and Oak Aged Unearthly (DIPA) are my favorites!


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