1001 Beers: Banana Bread

Beer Number 37: Wells Banana Bread

I remember my first random pick up of this beer. Walking through the BevMo, Branded a fool, What will they say, Monday at school… This beer was fantastic. One that I picked up again and again. This beer is made with actual bananas and even the breweries own well water. Crazy, right? They made this beer to attract “younger customers.” Whatever that means.

The bananas are pretty much mashed to all hell and then thrown into the mash of the beer. Other key ingredients are Golding, Challenger, and Crystal. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little beer. Then the brewers ferment this beer over seven days, Thus, Wells Banana Bread Beer Is Born!

When tasting Banana Bread Beer, the sweet smell is the first thing to hit you: fresh, clean, and very reminiscent of natural bananas. However, when it comes to drinking it, the nutty banoffee aroma takes back seat to the lightly sparkling hoppy bitter. It’s a taste combination that has to be experienced to discover just how well these flavors work together.

The golden amber, (though it almost matches the orange pumpkin behind it), of this beer is one of the initial inviting features of this beer. When you take a big whiff of it, you get that “banoffee” aroma they are describing. When you get into the taste of it, it is really stunning, I’d say. I love banana bread and now having it, literally, in a liquid form that is great. Bready, banana overall else. The right amount of spice and the right amount of hops to still make this a sweet, nicely balanced, malty beverage.

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1001 Beers: Banana Bread

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