1001 Beers: Milk Stout

Beer Number 36: Left Hand Milk Stout

I saw this van while I was in Denver so I thought I would show it off just a little bit. Though, I did not have it in Denver. How sad, right?

So, This is another beer I had at the Flying Saucer and it is a shame that this is the first time I have had it. I am glad to have actually liked it on Nitro though. I have never really liked any beers on nitro so this is a plus to me.

From the time that Anchor Brewing in San Francisco began introducing American beer drinkers to English beer styles, U.S. craft brewers have taken inspiration from traditional brewing nations. At times, they’ve tried to faithfully replicate the originals, but at others they’ve chosen styles no longer or seldom brewed. Left Hand wasn’t the first U.S. brewery to make milk stout, but its version has been a particularly popular and critical success.

So, once again. This beer was awesome on nitro. So creamy, a very nice light roasty-ness to it. Chocolate and the creaminess brings great sweetness. Dries up on the finish. I wonder how the nitro bottles of this compares.

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1001 Beers: Milk Stout

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