1001 Beers: Sawtooth Ale

Beer Number 35: Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

I stopped into The Yard House for a beer along my travels, nothing fancy. Just got done with a test that took me about two hours to complete and I was feeling like total crap after it was over. So I just wanted to sit back, relax, and take my mind off of it with something with something mellow that would not destroy me since I still had a lot to do.

I took a look at the beer menu and since I just put my 1001 Beers book into a spread sheet so I can keep track of what I have had, when they were released, and if they were still available, a lot of beers started looking familiar to me. Sawtooth stood out on the list. I did not know much about it and have never had it before, but that is part of the journey. So, I decided to order it.

Sawtooth Ale, based on one of Doore’s favorite home-brew recipes, quickly established itself as a flagship beer. Although Longmont’s glacier-melt soft water is ideal for brewing many styles of beer, the brewers harden it to simulate the water from Burton-on-Trent. Sawtooth is made with five malts and English hops. It is at its best when properly cask-conditioned.

Sawtooth was served to me on Nitro. I had no idea they did that. I thought that was just a thing for stouts but I have been wrong before. I did not know this when I ordered it either. But there was no mistaking it at all. You could tell just by looking at the way the beer was forming from the bottom to the top and the very big, fluffy, tiny bead, white head. It is a very creamy ale. Bready, sweet, some light fruit flavors and just enough hops to give the presence and hold down the beer. Something you can sit back and enjoy a few pints of.

I just had to show you the lacing on the glass once I finished it. With a sight like that, how could I not? I feel it would be great in a cask. I wish there was a way I could test that theory out though…

Sawtooth is a perfect example of how I feel beer should be. I am not saying every beer should taste like this, or be this style. I am just saying this beer is not trying to be the biggest, loudest, or craziest beer. It is just there to be had and enjoyed. That is what we have gotten away from. Maybe we will see that one day.

966 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Sawtooth Ale

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