Sierra Nevada: Ruthless Rye

It has been almost exactly one year since I first had a taste of Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye. At that time I was living under a rock but I was always on the search for good beer… It was hard to find in Texas. We were getting ready for our BiWeekly Zulu Company Picnic, details if you care to know, and stopped by the liquor store after we picked up everything we needed to run the grill. I went to the tiny section where they had craft beer and was looking for anything to satisfy my needs… I found this beer!

I had no idea it existed or was even being released. I had to pick it up and I am glad I did. That was one of the most satisfying beers I have had in a while. I did not take any notes on it at the time, but I guess I get to redeem myself this year.

Rye has been a staple grain for millennia-sought after for its stubborn resilience in the field and revered for its unique flavor. Ruthless Rye IPA is brewed with rustic grains for refined flavors-combining the peppery spice of rye and the bright citrusy flavors of whole-cone hops to create a complex ale for the tumultuous transition to Spring.

I honestly cannot remember this beer from last year but I do remember I liked it. This year, I would say my expectations were exceeded. You get hints of rye on the nose and it reminds you a bit of rye bread. A little spice and a generous amount of citrus. A nice tan head and fairly decent lacing all the way down.

The first sips is what really blew me away. The very distinct and full grapefruit flavors and silky/velvety texture of this beer were fantastic. A bit bready with an up front bitterness that faded and was perfectly balanced. Simply outstanding. Also has some cool label art. Highly recommend.


Sierra Nevada: Ruthless Rye

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