Superbowl Beer: Black Crown

After the great success of my last Superbowl Beer Review, Bud Light Platinum, I decided to give this years promotion a try. I did not do things like I usually do for that review but I figured for this one, I would treat it like any other beer.

I always try to give an honest opinion on a beer, whether I like it or not. Sometimes I am drawn in by my obsession with a particular brewery but when it falls short, It feels disappointing. Here is a great post on the matter from Sheppy’s Blog, one of the few that fall into my email every so often. He even says “inconceivable” in this one!

So, Black Crown. It was suggested by another blogger, Daily Beer Review, that this beer was actually part of the Budweiser Project Twelve Series, Batch No. 91406. He said, “based on the beechwood, description, alc % and brewmaster”, he is pretty certain Black Crown is nothing new. Just another marketing ploy.

Reading on the back of the bottle they broke it down and explained that out of the 6 beers taste tested across the country, from the 12 brewers who put forth a beer, Batch No. 91406 won the “Black Crown”. I guess Daily Beer Review was right. I used to live in 91607, not too far from this place. No point to that. Just random fact.

Now down to this beer. It pours a crystal clear light amber with a small, quickly dissipating white head. Aroma of crystal malt and green apples. Overly sweet. When you drink it, that sweetness is still there and the apple flavor again. A higher carbonation level and actually a decent body. It says this beer is beechwood finished but I cannot pick that out… I don’t think. There is a little bit of a tang on the finish.

Doesn’t seem all that bad if they would have put a few IBUs into this one to counter out the sweetness. I don’t mean make it bitter or give it hop flavor, I just mean better balance out the sweetness. ABInBev gave their Brewmasters a chance to branch out and make something new. While this still holds true to the spirit of the company, it is actually one of their better products. I’d say give it a try.


Superbowl Beer: Black Crown

One thought on “Superbowl Beer: Black Crown

  1. And so that is why you were looking for that blog post! I am honored to be referenced here. For some reason, I thought this was going to be a black lager (probably the black in the name threw me). Obviously I was not paying attention. When I was thinking it was a Black Lager, I was almost certainly going to try it at some point. Now, probably not unless it falls into my lap.Anyway … great post as always. Have a great Superbowl Sunday.


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