1001 Beers: Golden Monkey

Beer Number 31: Victory Golden Monkey

This is a beer I have had many times before and actually the first Victory ale that I liked. I don’t know if something was off with this batch, but it tasted a little different to me this time… I also forgot to take a picture of it before I drank it. There is the bottle though!

Golden Monkey was originally created to be a one-off limited-edition bottling. The reaction to the Belgian-style tripel was so positive that Victory deceded to keep on brewing the ale, adding it to the brewery’s year-round lineup. Imported two-row malt, European hops, and crushed coriander seed are the ingredients used to make the beer. The yeast that sparks the ale’s fermentation was obtained by Victory from a small brewery in Wallonia, Belgium.

The beer had a golden color to it, which is very fitting given the name and a somewhat billowy, rocky head. It lasted quite some time. The nose was yeasty and had a little bit of spice. On the first sip I got some of the character that I remembered from this beer but overall, something was off. It seemed tangier and more tart than usual and not in a good way.

The, whatever I tasted, stuck with me throughout the whole beer. Usually the first sip of this one catches me off guard but this one bleck. The spices came through in the end and made the finish decent but that taste really lingered. The higher carbonation level did nothing to help either.

I usually enjoy this beer but it was hard to drink. I can’t say why. I honestly had no idea this beer was 9.5% until sitting here to write this post. It hides it very well. This can be a dangerous drink… maybe that’s why they say the “Monkey Is Dangerous: Respect The Monkey.” hmmm…

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1001 Beers: Golden Monkey

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