L’s Ales: Flanders Red

This is a beer I have been planning for months, even years… unofficially. I have always wanted to do a sour beer and I have always had a reason in mind. Beers such as La Folie greatly influenced the creation of this beer. Actually, La Folie was the only beer that influenced this one but if you have ever had it… You will understand.

So the reason I wanted to brew this is to age it for a number of years and drink a little bit of it on an annual basis. Checking for change over the years and to celebrate the day a little creature came into my life. Now that it is happening, I figured this should be brewed and it will probably be named after her. Yeah, this beer officially has no name at the moment but it is in the carboy and I am going to pitch the bugs to make this thing really sweet, (or sour, actually), very soon.

Since I decided to start using some of my spent grain for stuff, I saved more from this batch of beer. Quite a bit more. I plan to make a ton of flour just to have around and this long brewday got me wanting one of my favorite things! Ok, two. Beer and Breakfast!

The spent grain waffles were pretty easy to make I used the same website I used when I made Pirates Booty Into Dog Buscuits, The Growler. Here are the directions. I cut the recipe in half since I would be the only one eating them and I still got 4 waffles out of it. If you want pancakes, I am sure it works the same way. I mean, I use pancake batter to make waffles, right?

2 cups flour
¾ cup spent grains, compressed
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 ¾ cup milk
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat your waffle iron and whisk together wet ingredients, except the spent grain. Gradually add in dry ingredients and finally the spent grain. Mix until combined. Pour batter into the center of the iron, about a ½ cup per batch and cook according to your machine’s directions.

I didn’t measure the vanilla and I threw in some cinnamon. I love those two things in just about everything. I should have put some Sriracha on it… Anyway, I say give it a try. I still want to make those damn pretzels. Another day. I have a little extra spent grain so I can probably do it before I brew my next batch.


L’s Ales: Flanders Red

4 thoughts on “L’s Ales: Flanders Red

  1. Spent grain waffles … hmmmmm … sounds good.What is the grain bill of the Flander's Red? I am a big fan of the style, and like you, LOVE La Folie. I did actually make a (sort of) Flanders Red myself, but instead of using bugs in the fermentor, I decided to try a sour mash instead.It turned out pretty good, but it doesn't have the complexity and depth of a La Folie (or other beers of the same style I have tried).


  2. I think the waffles are the best thing I have made so far. Though, I haven't made much either.I would not exactly trust me when it comes to this recipe. I kind of just threw stuff together and maybe should have followed someone elses lol43% Belgian Pils,33% Munich, 8% Vienna, 6% Medium Crystal and White Wheat, 4% Special B. 100 minute boil with an ounce of Fuggles at 60 mins lol I hope it turns out good. I will find out in about a year or so?


  3. Very extensive notes. I guess that makes sense about the bugs and the mash in your case. I wondered what this beer would taste like not soured but that isn't why I brewed this so, you know. Just take it whatever happens.


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