1001 Beers: Gonzo Imperial Porter

Beer Number 30: Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

So, Once I got out to North Carolina I kind of went on a little Flying Dog binge… It was not a bad thing and I was able to find their beers back in LA, but something about seeing them out here just made me go crazy I had to try them all. This happened to become one of my favorites.

After author Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide in 2005, the Flying Dog Brewery chose to honor his memory the best way they knew how–by making a limited edition beer. The first batch of Gonzo Imperial Porter, named with a nod to Thompson’s ‘gonzo’ style of journalism, was 9 percent abv. It proved popular enough for Flying Dog to make it a regular release (although they did drop its strength to 7.8 percent). Ralph Steadman, who illustrated much of Thompson’s work and began creating Flying Dog artwork in 1995, drew the label with a skeletal portrait of Thompson and a voice bubble saying, “OK, let’s party!”

There is some more interesting information in there as well. Talking about the days when they used to be in Denver and the ties to Thompson, and trouble the brewery had with simple things like Steadman’s label. Interesting for sure.

The dark black beer with the big tan head was pretty cool. Wish I could have tried the 9% version but I really wonder how much different the beer way. The beer had an extremely malty and thick feeling to it and a lot of dark, roasted malts, coffee, chocolate, and a bit of hidden alcohol… or a lot. But it bit you in the ass on the nose. In 2008 this beer took home a Gold medal in the World Beer Cup. Good stuff. One of my favorite of their releases.

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1001 Beers: Gonzo Imperial Porter

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