1001 Beers: Anchor Steam

Beer Number 29: Anchor Steam Beer

I was once in San Francisco and I had intentions on finding the Anchor brewery. I wanted to try some beers and probably bring home a growler. But after a long day and a horrible time at 21st Amendment trying to find Anchor was just not a priority. Next time for sure when I visit the family… hopefully anyway.

I was actually at The Flying Saucer when I ran into this beer. I love their selection. Things may not be the best or the coolest, but they sure do stock a lot. This was my time to see what I missed out on in SF!

Steam beers were once widespread across the American West: they were an attempt to re-create the lagers familiar to those coming from the East, where migrant German brewers held sway, but without ice cut from the rivers and lakes that abounded in colder climates. The resulting beer was a hybrid, lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures. As for the term “steam,” the old books refer to the high pressure of the beer and the cloud of “steam” released when they were tapped. Anchor is the last of this breed and owns the trademark on the word “steam”.

One of the awesome things about pouring this beer was the big rocky head up there. I kind of poured it all funny-like but that was a cool sight to see. The beer itself was slightly sweet and very creamy. A clean ale. Not too much seemed out of place flavor wise. It has a light caramel flavor to it and it is a bit dry. Seems like a nice ale for a nice day. Anchor’s Former? President, Fritz Maytag, described the beer like this.

It’s not a radical beer, just mellow, pleasant, rich, and satisfying.

Simply put.

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1001 Beers: Anchor Steam

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