Olde Hickory: The Bean

Bottle Revolution has teamed up with Olde Hickory Brewery and together they created, The Bean. Bottle Revolution has been around for almost a year and a half and do not seem to be losing any steam. I know this isn’t exactly an anniversary beer but I wonder if Bottle Revolution will go ahead and create a similar tradition to Bottleworks. I think just about any local brewery would agree to make a second anniversary ale and then see what happens from there. Bottle Revolution is kind of World Renowned.

Bottleworks is the only other bottle shop I know that has had a brewery make a special beer for them. They are located back home in Seattle. I am sure others may have done it, but I cannot think of one other instance. Bottleworks has gotten with some pretty big breweries in the past for their anniversary beers. You may have had or remember quite a few of them. #9 From Russian River, #10 From New Belgium, #11 From Big Sky, #12 From The Bruery, & #13 From Stone. That was as far back as I could confirm, and I wonder who is going to take #14…

Anyway though, I kind of got way off target. Here is the Bottle Revolution Announcement.

Olde Hickory Brewery has brewed a beer for us!!! Behold: ‘The Bean’ is a stout with vanilla beans & coffee. The quick story on the lovely pooch in the picture: Bean is my dog, an SPCA adoptee … and one of the most fabulous dogs you’ll ever meet.

With that said, The Bean.

This beer came as an instant shock to me when I popped it open and poured it. Nothing unusual. It had a deep, dark brown appearance and a small tan head that dissipated rather quickly. Probably as a result of the coffee bean oils. But when I took my first whiff of this one… SPICY SPICE SPICE in my nose. It was not overly spicy or even hot for that matter. Just the coffee came off a lot stronger there than I was expecting. Though, don’t get me wrong it is not that strong on the nose at all either. Confusing, huh? Go get one.

The Bean had a fairly light body and a rush of coffee initially. You get a little bit of chocolate and vanilla that help to smooth things out and the carbonation just bubbles around your mouth in a fairly nice manner. This stout is pretty sweet but very easy drinking. I poured it at 52f, but it gets better as you drink it. Each sip is better than the previous.

If you are expecting a radical, out of control beer, this is not it. The Bean is well crafted and I feel it goes back to the basics of what a beer should be. More brewers should do this. Take a step back and brew a good beer instead of trying to push the envelope. Personally, I would have expected this beer to have a bit more roast character to it but that may have been cut back due to the coffee and vanilla flavors in it. I am not sure what BJCP styles this one was brewed to specifically, but I feel it is a great example of 13B, Sweet Stout. 4/5


Olde Hickory: The Bean

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