Jim Barry: The Lodge Hill

Yes, I know, this is not beer. But hold on. This is one of the best wines I have ever tasted. I have probably had 5 bottles of this to myself in the last year… and besides, I am going to oak some oak chips on this for a Flanders Red I am brewing in a few days! The chips will be going into the secondary. I just have to decide the right window to add them in since I am also throwing some bugs in there.

The Lodge Hill is a Shiraz from Jim Barry down there in Australia. It is made with a grape that seems to only grow well in one section of Australia, and the vinyard Jim Barry owns in that area is called, The Lodge Hill. I guess they got lucky with the location of the vinyard way back when, in the 1940’s. I am pretty sure that is when I was told the winery was opened. I should probably do a little research but I think my… bartender? Winetender? Knew what she was talking about.

I first had this wine at The 20Nine which is an awesome wine and pizza bar. I don’t typically like Mushrooms but the Fungi Pizza was pretty awesome. This wine paired well with it. I don’t know much about wine, pretty much nothing compared to my beer knowledge but I am going to give this a shot…

So, I take it this wine has some pretty good clarity. It is hard to tell because it has a very deep purple color. The nose was nice. A little spice, like pepper but mostly fruity and juicy. Kind of like the blackberries I used to pick in my grandmas back yard. With that wine scent as well.

This wine must have some good body. While I am sitting here swirling it around looking all fancy and the like, the legs, (kind of like the lacing of a beer), are very pronounced running back down the glass. The first flavors that open up this wine are very juicy. Kind of like the blackberries I was referring to earlier. Some cranberry and maybe, is that chocolate I taste? As I swallow it goes down with a slight sour touch that turns into a kind of herbal, minty freshness. Very good.

Whatever Wine People Say When They Drink!… Ok, Just Cheers!

Jim Barry: The Lodge Hill

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