Calabaza Blanca

For Beermas this year I had got my first Jolly Pumpkin beer ever, Calabaza Blanca. I know, right? Or are they not as popular as I seem to think? Nonetheless, they have amazing label art for most of their beers. This one was no exception. I am glad the sticker peeled off of the bottle easily, because now that is permanently part of my bar.

A few things made me wonder about this beer. The description the brewery gave for it,

Calabaza Blanca, an artisan white ale brewed in Belgian’s biere blanche tradition. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you’ll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish. A year round favorite for sure!

and, well, just curiosity for beers I have not had before.

This white ale is dominated by murky, earthy yeast and oranges in the nose. A little sourness can be smelled too. Oranges in the taste with a little spicy tartness. Tangy in the finish. They say it’s barrel aged. I think there is a bit of that in the finish but other than that I cannot detect it… and that is me reaching. Though, I wonder why in this day and age you would barrel age a white ale? This beer finishes really dry and the citrus is left lingering. It isn’t that bad when you aren’t thinking about it but you want to wash it down when you are.

Overall, I was not a fan. A bit too much that I could not get behind. I guess Jolly Pumpkin is currently 0 for 1 in my book but they have more for me to try. At least I got a cool sticker for my bar!


Calabaza Blanca

3 thoughts on “Calabaza Blanca

  1. Nice review, even though you weren't a fan. I think Jolly Pumpkin lets all of their beers mature in oak casks, which is probably more evident in some beers than others. And I agree, their artwork is great!


  2. Thanks! That is good to know. I guess maybe I should have looked more into it and I would have found out that they oak age all of their beers. One of their next beers I think I will pick up is La Roja. Quite a few people have suggested that one. Cheers!


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