Fermentation Without Representation

Epic Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah… which I did not know they made beer in Utah until having found this brewery… released batch number 8 of Fermentation Without Representation sometime last year. Very specific, I know. But that is not what is important. What is important is that this was one of my 12 Beers of Beermas! This is actually the beer that I rang in the New Year with. Not for any special reason, just because I went into my beer fridge and grabbed it. It was an amazing grab!

This is probably one of the best beers I have ever tasted. No lie. I have liked every beer I had from the Exponential Series but I have not had any of their other releases. I haven’t really looked either. Not because I don’t want them but when I am walking through the bottle shop these labels, no matter how plain you think they seem, always stand out. They are so different from everything that is around them. And this series has a whole lot of different options to offer. It only makes sense to pick it up!

This beer pours a solid black and displays a billowing head. Very roasted nose almost like a when you are baking a pie and you can smell the pumpkin in there for sure. A little vanilla and cinnamon, but like I said, baking a pie. It gets even better when you taste it. The pumpkin and vanilla blend well with the very robust body of this beer and cinnamon. It is a bittersweet symphony of goodness. Ginger and nutmeg, creamy and fluffy. This beer really sticks to your mouth and lingers in all of the best ways. One of the best beers I have ever tasted. Can’t wait for future releases.


Fermentation Without Representation

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