Williams Brothers: Scottish Session and Heavy

For Christmas I got a couple of ales in my Beer Advent Calendar that I would not normally expect. Ones that quite surprised me actually. Not because they were some super cool, super rare beer but because they were out of the ordinary. Beers that one would not normally pick up. But these ales were from a brewery that I loved in the past. I got a gift set of Williams Brothers beers a while back now and then I picked up another one of their ales, Kelpie. So when I got this Scottish Session and Scottish Heavy it actually blew my mind.

The Scottish Session was the first one I opened and drank. It is not often that you find a 3.9% beer in these parts of the beer world. Everything is the bigger the better, right?

Session came across as, well, what I would call a session ale. Very nice and light. Easily drinkable a fair amount of body and tone which one might feel is not possible to obtain at these low levels of alcohol but the biscuity character that the beer held and a little bit of lemon and dryness made this a great beer for a hot or cool day. Besides a homebrew or two I made, I think this is my first true session ale.

This is actually a style I do not have much experience with either but what a better way to start than with a trusted brewery. The Heavy had toffee notes running throughout and it was very fruity. I swear I got hints of bubble gum and juicy fruits mixing with a sweet funk in the nose. It also had a kind of slick mouthfeel and when it went down it was still really good. Only 4.2% alcohol on this one and this once again affirmed to me that this brewery makes damn fine ales. They may just become one of my regularly purchased and regularly drank sought after breweries. Very nice.


Williams Brothers: Scottish Session and Heavy

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