1001 Beers: Celebration Ale

Well, I actually had Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale a year ago as Beer Number 3 but I thought I would revisit it again this year since I found a six pack to put into hiding for a little while. I actually said I would in my review last year.

I should find a 6 pack and keep them for a long time haha.

I was hoping that I got a 12 pack of it but did not find one until after I bought the last 6 pack on the shelf… Maybe I should have picked it up… This one will do just fine to see how it changes over the next 5 years.

A quick look back to what I thought about the 2011 Celebration.

It has a strong hop nose but you cannot tell this at all when it comes to the taste… Ok, maybe at first my palate was overloaded with hoppy goodness but that faded after a bit. It was very piney and broke down to a kind of sweet, caramel flavor that finished very creamy.

This year, the copper color on this thing was once again a work of art. Even how there was a bit of tan in the head made you think of just how exciting this would be. Not to mention the strong hop aroma that was there and jumping out of the bottle, into the glass, into the room, and into your nose from the very get go. No denying that but upon first taste, the hops in this beer were very bright, very floral with just a touch of pineyness and maybe a little citrus. Caramel and a little creamy.

I am looking forward to how this will age. Or even how my notes on the 2013 version will look compared to these. It may be nothing but I think this years is better than last years…


1001 Beers: Celebration Ale

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