1001 Beers: Three Philosophers

For those of you that didn’t know, December 2nd was Inaugural Quad Day. I know this is pretty late, but hey. It’s the holidays. I didn’t, at first, know what to think but as I learned more and more about it I just let it be and celebrated all that is the glorious style that is, The Quad. Straight from the mouth of the founder:

I picked the Belgian Quad as the focus of the newest and greatest holiday this side of Christmas, and it was no mistake that December 2 will be the annual celebration of this glorious day (it’s my birthday too).

It is a shame though that I did not earn a badge. But, what’s that you ask? What beer did I drink for The Inaugural Quad Day? Beer Number 22: Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers.

They say this beer was made for contemplation and we actually had a good discussion about it being it seemed to be the number one beer of choice for Quad Day. Even coming up with the recipe or I guess the concept of this beer seemed to give the brewer some issues.

What is your ideal beer? A hoppy British ale? An aromatic German hefeweizen? An Oregon home-brewer named Noel Blake sat down a number of years ago and pondered this question for a “Create a Great Beer” contest. For him, the matter of one’s ideal beer is not simply about style or even ingredients; it’s really a philosophical question whose answer can be debated endlessly.

I agree with this 100%. So much talk out there about one beer being better than others or how one beer should not be drank based upon things such as who brewed it etc, etc. Taste is subjective. Each beer could be someones ideal beer. I mean, someone had to think it was good to want to sell it? But hey, lets focus on this.

Things that I really picked out were the cherries on the aroma. Obvious I know but that really stood out to me. Even when I went in for my first sips, the cherries were over top of everything else. When the Belgian yeast started to kick in things may have became a little tart and raisins started to come out and maybe a little bit of chocolate. Very smooth and malty. I had to keep coming back to this. I am glad that I had the bottle all to myself. If you have not had it, get it… but you have to wait until Quad Day To Enjoy it.

979 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Three Philosophers

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