1001 Beer: Smoked Porter

Beer Number 21: Stone Smoked Porter.

This is a beer I have fell in love with the very first time I had it. Being that Stone brewed it, that should be no surprise. I’m not saying it is my favorite porter, but it is damn good and damn solid. One of my first times I had this beer, I had the other two variations; Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Beans, and not too long after that, Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle. Both of these beers I had at a few festivals I attended since they were one-offs and not bottled… until recently. Looking through 1001 Beers, I discovered some interesting facts.

Stone Smoked Porter was released not long after Stone Brewing opened, and it was meant to be a one-off; it was also meant to be sold solely on draft and only in the San Diego area.

There was quite a bit more information in there but then it goes and rambles off about the Vertical Epic series. I have had 09-09-09 through 11-11-11 and wish I could get the earlier ones, but that is for another time.

The smokiness on the nose is fairly light but very distinct… You know what I mean. You can definitely taste it on the finish. Chocolaty and coffee notes are running all through this beer and it has a great maltyness about it. A great beer from one of the great breweries. What can be said? But that brings us to the other creations that they released upon the world.

Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla. The nose does not have that smokiness as the original but it is still there in the taste. Very smokey all around and a bit sweet. You get a hint of the vanilla on both ends. I cannot figure out which one came out first. This version or the next one. Quick searches on the web are proving noneffective. Though, reading the back of each bottle I have a feeling it was the Chipotle.

The nose on this beer is kind of on fire. I like it though. It is not overly hot, just kind of smokey hot… Again sticking with the theme. On first sip, the heat overcomes your mouth and you get a hot prickly sensation all over. You can still get a hint of the coffee but the chocolate seems to disappear.

I would have to say on a 6oz pour, or so, that Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle is my favorite. But having to get my way through these bottles, the original is the best. The vanilla stirkes as too sweet, the chipotle, too hot. The original is just right.

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1001 Beer: Smoked Porter

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