2008 Double Bastard

When those at Stone tell you that you are not worthy, what do you think? When you read the bottles and find yourself lost in the world or doing what they are describing, how do you feel? Well, my friend, I can’t answer those questions for you but I can tell you that after getting my hands on a 2008 Double Bastard my eyes are so much more open now.

Before now I have only had current versions of all of Stones brews. I have had quite a few, but again only current. Here is a picture of 2011 Double Bastard. When I found this bottle of 2008 I knew I had to buy it. I wish that I found other years as well but I guess this was no time to get greedy… or was it?

Nobody can really say what goes into Stone Arrogant or Double Bastard but we can all agree that they are very tasty. I was told by somebody that when the time finally does come to open this beer to just find a time when I can sit back, relax and nurse this one all day. So I did just that.

This beer has changed a lot from the fresh one I had not too long ago. I should have taken some good notes because it would have been awesome to compare, or maybe I should have waited for a fresh batch, but this celebration was in order. Nothing was holding me back. This go around the scent was rather sweet and malty. I had a hard time trying to figure out if there were hops I was smelling or if it was something else. I would not expect an aroma at all after 4 years or so in the bottle… They may be there but for sure not like it a fresh batch at all. A little alcohol comes through in both the nose and the taste. A very nice, tan head deep amber color in the glass. There is no denying that it mellowed out a ton but I guess that is the beauty of this beer and its design. Grassy hops in the finish linger, caramel and tofee all the way through. It had a light carbonation but still bubbling in the glass and a bit of a burnt toastyness to it.

I guess there is really no way to experience this beer and the complexities without aging one. I think from here on out I will buy several and just hold onto them year after year. This is a must.


2008 Double Bastard

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