1001 Beers: In Heat Wheat

I figured it was time for me to try some more Flying Dog from the collection that I have acquired. And what better way to do it than with some of their wheat beers. Particularly, Beer Number 20. In Heat Wheat.

They say that this beer, more so the man who designed this beer; Eric Warner, Literally wrote the book on Wheat Beers. “German Wheat Beer, published in 1992. Wheat beers that were made in America were crafted after this book supposedly. This is one of the best wheats I have had in a while. I always liked the style but I thought that my palate was straying away from them because it has been pretty hard to find some that I can come back to time and time again, but In Heat Wheat changed that story. The strong citrus nose, banana, and carbonation level really work well into this beer and a bit of spice really define this Bavarian style wheat… or err, German, I guess.

We didn’t brew this German-style Hefeweizen with its award-winning flavor just so you could wing a lemon slice in it for showmanship. You’re not getting style points from us. Germans don’t drink it that way, so save your attention-grabbing tactics for the karaoke stage, OK? OK.

This got me thinking, and with everything I already had from this brewery, why not break into another one in a similar style. Woody Creek. I really need to work on that whole focusing the iPhone thing.

Flying Dog Brewery found George Stranahan is widely considered to be the unofficial mayor of Woody Creek, Colorado. George and his collection of social misfits known as “Woody Creatures” are the reason this mountain community has morphed into Gonzo Ground Zero. This unfiltered and traditionally spiced Wit Beer pays tribute to the hotbed of progressive thought.

This beer also has an interesting story on the website if you want to check it out. Again, the bananas, cloves, yeast, and citrusy spice melded very well and into a really creamy, tasty brew. Flying Dog just keeps winning today.

I had the Classic Pale on my last visit, so why not try the Double Pale this time. And a quote, from Ralph Steadman.

For that other night, that other goddamn night.

I am not completely sure what he is referring to, I am sure there is a story behind that as well but this is something that makes me think it could relate to each and everyone of us. Time after time, night after goddamn night. At least we have good beer to celebrate it with. A very clean pale ale. Light bitterness, grassy, a little citrus that blends into the finish.

The last beer here is Old Scratch, an Amber Lager.

Tom Walker and his wife loved money more than life, so they surrendered their souls to Old Scratch. And when her liver and lung were found lying on the forest floor Tom forever feared a certain rapping at the door. Knock… Knock… Knock.

I had to look into this one a bit and see if the story of Old Scratch has something to do with this beer. Pretty chilling if you ask me. A beer with a light, up front bitterness, very clean and a tad of toast being named after the devil… What to do??? Though, it was pretty hard to find anything about this… I guess I will have to go to the brewery and find out the full story behind this one…

981 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: In Heat Wheat

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