1001 Beers: Boston Lager

One of my favorite places to go out and eat… just because Fondue is amazing, is The Melting Pot. They can get a bit on the pricey end but you never leave dissatisfied… unless you get a crappy waiter. I have not experienced that yet. Just throwing out variables. Makes sense, no? Well, Recently I was there and decided to have the beer flight with my Big Night Out. Mainly because I wanted beer, not really because I was trying to pair. The last time I was here I did the wine flight. I think there was one I really liked and I didn’t really keep notes on them so it’s whatever.

The beers for the flight were split between ones I have had many times before and ones that I have only had a few times. They were Boston Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale, Stone IPA, and Rogue Chocolate Stout. Honestly, I did not really see any correlation in flavor of the food to the beers that they presented but I guess I cannot be too mad. There were a few good selections.

The first course was just The Big Night Out Boston Lager Cheese Fondue. A little appetizer to get us going. Bread Fruit Vegetables, and Beer Number 19 Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I have only had this one a few times before, and I always say I am not really a fan of Sams so this was just a formality since you cannot substitute beers in the predetermined flight… not that they really have a beer menu anyway. Honestly, I found nothing interesting about it… again. Just another beer. A bit of floral hops in the start, a tad earthy and then citrusy… It was way better in the cheese than in the glass but I guess I can’t be too picky, I did come here for the food.

The next beer was a classic. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I can’t say anything bad about this beer. Though, I did not think it paired well with my salad… It wasn’t bad, but for sure it was not thought out. Check out This beer Here.

Stone IPA is one I have had a few times and it actually fits into this series, but I will give it it’s own post at a later date. It deserves one and will not go into this count. There is just so much to be said about this beer and this brewery, that I’d rather have it organized than just thrown together to get Boston Lager out of the way hah! I guess Lobster and Stone IPA is never a bad choice, but again, the whole coming together thing was just lost. My fault, or theirs???

The last beer, Rogue Chocolate Stout. I thought I had never had this one before, but a little search on Untappd proved otherwise. I am not really a fan of Rogue, but this beer was actually one I might buy get a pint of one day, and not just because I am at the brewery. Again, who ever made these pairing decisions should be fired but I guess the beer and the courses stood alone and that is what matters?

982 Bottle Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Boston Lager

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