I knew nothing about Yuengling Traditional Lager until I saw one of the most influential documentaries that I have seen since I got into craft beer, Beer Wars. It went into some depth about, and even went and visited the brewery. The story behind it was enough to make me want to find this beer, especially being you could only get it on one side of the country. Now that I am out here, it was one of the first beers that I had to taste.

One of the hotels I stayed at had the beer available on tap at the bar. I actually had to get another one after finishing my first and heading out for the night. Between the two beers, I am not really sure if one pour had more than the other but I like the glass type from my second glass. The first one just seemed a bit fancier.

This beer had a fairly high level of carbonation. It is kind of what I was expecting, but what I was not was the flavor. It had quite a bit of caramel sweetness and it was really clean. The beer had a medium mouthfeel and a fairly low abv. I also got a bit of woody character and a dry finish. It kind of dried out my whole mouth and just left the wood to linger for a bit. Not in a bad way, just different. This is a pretty solid lager.



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