1001 Beers: World Wide Stout

Beer Number 15: Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Some day we’ll tell our grandchildren about the high-octane beer wars of the early 21st century, about the combat between extreme beers that used high-tech yeast strains to convert fermentable sugars into ever-increasing levels of synapse-loosening alcohol. Some day we’ll tell them–assuring our capacity for long-term memory was not among the casualties.

I find this so true. Looking all over the beer world and the things that are being done, it seems so ridiculous. But I love it all! I think it is all part of the allure. One of my favorite things for sure. This is what World Wide Stout and Dogfish Head is all about.

Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione says, “Our goal was to brew the world’s strongest beer. And we succeeded… for one month.”

According to 1001 Beers, they were soon surpassed by Sam Adams Millennium and when Sam tried to up his beer to beat that The Boston Beer Company released Utopias. Pretty funny if you ask me. Though, 18% for a beer is pretty intense. I can only imagine what Utopias 27% could be like.

I am not usually a fan of Dogfish Beers… Well, I am not really sure how to put it. They grow on me. I think they are pretty much full of gimmicks but that is, again, part of the allure. They do it and that is what I love about them. For sure Dogfish is my number two most Sought After Company.

I am glad they are. I LOVE this beer. It is incredibly thick. Almost a chewy consistency. It is soooooooo incredibly boozy too. Which works for this beer, surprisingly. I thought it was almost vodka like in the finish. Yeah, that boozy but the dark fruits of this beer cuts through the alcohol… for a little bit… and then it creeps back up. One magnificent beer. No other way I can put that.

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1001 Beers: World Wide Stout

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