Black and Blue, Red and White

I picked up a few more bottles from Dogfish Head, and what I figured out is they may not be my favorite brewery (Much Love for New Belgium), but they are for sure probably my number 1 or 2 sought out brewery. I mean, I pretty much have it down to clock work when New Belgium is releasing a new beer and where to find it… I have emailed them once or twice :p but I know what is coming out none the less. With Dogfish, I look at their calendar and I find tons of stuff in store that isn’t even mentioned and I must have. What the hell? Well, what can I say?

This is my second time having Red & White. I was not a big fan of it then, and upon first taste… I am not so much this go around either. I guess some beers are just hit or miss. Though, as I am going on, it is growing on me. Or I am just losing my palate all together. This may be a bad thing with Black & Blue coming up next. I loved that beer. Oh, how glad I am SWMBO picked me up a bottle. I am hoping she likes it too. We will see.

Red & White poured with a big, frothy, golden head. The nose was fairly mellow. I mean, I could pick out a little bit of spice and oak in the nose but it was very tamed. Not what I would expect from reading the description on the label.

Red & White: Ale brewed with coriander & orange peel with Pinot noir juice added with 11% aged in Pinor noir barrels and 89% aged on oak barrel staves.

It had a citrus tang for sure and the barrels, I would say play a pretty decent role in the flavor profile but they are kind of hidden in the back as well. They linger upon finish but this beer pretty much drinks like a wine. Maybe that is just the Pinot Noir juice… though, I have no idea what they hell Pinot Noir juice is… Does that even exist? I guess so, right?

Well, now it comes to the Black & Blue. This beer is far better as it warms up. It is a very smooth beer. I honestly didn’t see that many qualities of beer in it. I think the blend of Black and Blue berries really sets it apart. I get a lot of the flavor of those two berries but not much carbonation, or nonetheless, presence of a beer. It is nice in a silly kind of way. I guess I just want to share this beer with non-drinkers but, they are even still skeptical. I can kind of see it as a wine, just like the Red & White but I guess it does not fit the profile. Another Malty Dogfish Beer.

I preferred the Black & Blue over the Red & White but it is really starting to grow on me. The Black & Blue was always a favorite from taste one, so that will be hard to compete against but hey, I win either way I guess.


Black and Blue, Red and White

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