1001 Beers: Blue Moon

Beer Number 8: Blue Moon Belgian White

So, I know I did this a while back and offered an alternative, but it is in my book of 1001 Beers and my sister in law still has this stuff in her house. I figured a free one plus knocking it out of my book would be best so here we go.

It still sucks.

That is all.

Fine. Well, apparently this beer was originally brewed at Coors Field by the SandLot Brewery and it got really popular in the Denver during the games. They say you can only get a real pint of Blue Moon, brewed on the original, small system developed by Keith Villa. I am not sure how this one compares to the mass produced version by Molson Coors but if I were ever in the stadium, I would walk into the pub and get me a glass. Who knows, maybe it will be a big surprise. Only one way to find out.

Again, even after another tasting about a year later I stick to my impression. Read the whole review at the link above, but here is my Overall profile.

Blue Moon: It was far better than my initial taste about a year and a half ago, and it does stand above anything else I had from this brewery. Though, the taste that I had is not something I want in my beer. I see this as a worst case scenario beer and I really do not want a glass of water. It does the job but not for the craft beer lover like myself. I give this beer a 3/5. Would I buy it while out to eat… Probably not, but after this second tasting this is maybe an option. Coors is making money off of this beer without me purchasing it, so I do not really want to contribute to their success, but, like I said, they do not need my help anyway.

993 Bottles Of Beers To Go!

1001 Beers: Blue Moon

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