Pyramid Alehouse

The things I do for my family. Nikkee and I took our niece out for her birthday to find a propeller hat for her birthday. She told us that is all she wanted. She wanted it so that she could act like she is flying away sometimes. That’s an easy gift, so why not. Just so happens that our trip took us up to Seattle… and that she was hungry once we got there. Oh, how convenient is it that Pyramid Alehouse is not even a mile down the same block?

I have only had one Pyramid Ale before. Their signature Apricot Wheat. I didn’t care for it back in my early days of craft beer drinking but I figured I would try it again since a lot about my taste has changed. The funny thing though, I didn’t order a single one of their signature ales. I ordered all specialty, brewhouse only beers. I mean, I can get the rest year round in variety packs. Why waste a trip? It doesn’t really give me a feel for what the brewery is known for but it lets me know what the brewers like and how they play.

I had the Outburst Imperial IPA, Wit Beer, Dunkel, Full Bloom Lager, and the Pyramid Scotch ale. Full Bloom was by far my favorite. It was very clean, had a small/crisp hop bite. Just a good Lager. The Wit Beer was pretty bland. I could not really tell it was a wheat at all. A very watery mouthfeel. Pretty middle of the line. The Scotch Ale was extremely malty. Sweet at the start, dark fruits, boozy finish. The nose was highly alcoholic. The Dunkel reminded me of coffee, it was a tad yeasty and slightly bitter. The earthy hops were great for it. The outburst IIPA had a nice grassy flavor to start, but it quickly became very overpowering. Wasn’t a fan.

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. They were all just alright, nothing special, IMO. I kind of wish I went with the year round offerings instead but I will get around to those. Besides, the one I hear the most good about, was not available. It was the Winter Seasonal, Snow Cap. I did find some Tap Handles though at an antique shop just down the way. I didn’t pick any of these ones up but I thought the Snowboard was pretty cool. I guess now I just wait for that beer to be released.


Pyramid Alehouse

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