1001 Beers: Alaskan Amber

Beer Number 7: Alaskan Amber

Tonight we went out for my wifes, her twin sister, and my birthday dinner… Sure you think they are on separate days, but they are not! Weird huh… My wife and I were born on the same day… but anyway, that is not important at this point in time.

I have only had the Alaskan IPA and Smoked Porter but I must revisit both of those since it has been so long, so I have kind of considered the Amber to be my first experience with this brewery. I did not like the Smoked Porter on my first visit but that was like the 10th craft beer I have ever had, so I am not really counting it.

Anyway, Alaskan Amber. This was a very enjoyable trip. I thought the carbonation was pretty high but what really stood out was the sweet fruitiness and I got a hint of underlying chocolate. I thought this was kind of odd being I saw no indication that there was chocolate in this beer but that is what I tasted. It was medium bodied and bready. A very nice beer. A great experience from a new to me brewery. 3.5/5

994 Bottles Of Beers To Go!


1001 Beers: Alaskan Amber

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