Conflux No 1: Collage

So one thing I find hilarious about this collaboration, which no one else in the world will find funny, is that the first time I have been to both of these breweries was on the same day. Check it out.

But Anyway, Here we Go…

Collage is actually the first beer in the Conflux series, but it was the second to be released. Back when Number 2 came out I thought I had missed the first one and I was bummed as all hell, but figured oh well. When I heard about the beer dinners for the release I tried to figure out everything so bad in order to make it but my flights would not make it in time. I have 3 of the 4 beers used and I am hoping that the 4th is released anywhere I can get it.

I love how this is one of the first times I was able to appropriately use my glass with a beer. It was oh, so refreshing. Collage DEFINITELY smelled like a Hair of the Dog Beer. This kind of surprised me being I thought it would be more of a Deschutes ale. The two companies came together and, if I understand this right, blended their Dissident, The Stoic (which I have a bottle of in the cellar), Fred, and Adam in several casks. I do not know how they did it but wow… I cannot believe this beer exist.

In the nose I cannot describe what I am smelling, exactly. If you have ever been to Hair Of The Dog, you know the scent I am talking about and I also get a tingly sweetness of a barrel. The mouthfeel was incredibly thick and in the taste, dark fruits are predominately what I experienced. Maybe like a black raspberry. Boozy and warming but it is not overpowering. Very well done… Bravely Done. Overall I found this to be a pretty good beer… but I messed it up, big time.

I failed to realize that they put a BEST AFTER date on the bottle… 4/30/13. Wow, I had to run up to 99 Bottles to grab another. I am glad that it just came out and is kind of easy to get a hold of. I would have hated myself for a while about this one haha! I have no idea when I am going to open this beer again, but I am for sure looking forward to it. Great once, even greater then. If I can find The Dissident… even if I can’t, I have plans for the day I open this one up. Wait and see…


Conflux No 1: Collage

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