The Brave Experiment

As coined by @bjornidentity from Twitter,I recently opened a random ass growler that I had lying around my room from before I left for basic training. It doesn’t really give you a good overview of the beer, but you can read about my journey of that day here.

Doesn’t that picture look familiar? Anyway, wow… this beer was just bad after so long. The greatest thing about this was the head… check it out.

Other than that, shitty. Wow, I honestly can not remember how this beer tasted but wow… if it was anything similar to this, I cannot believe that I got myself a growler… wtf? The picture of this beer is so blurry because it is a direct representation of how it tasted. Very sour, smelled funky as hell. I expected it to be a lot bitter but I think when the hops died, it turned this beer to piss. I have no explanation.

Though, I went up to Seattle in order to get my niece a birthday present and I happened to come back past the brewery. I figured, you know, I want to know what I liked about this beer. There had to be a reason I wanted a growler… well, here it is.

It was actually pretty good fresh. It had a very herbal essence to it. A nice hop bite and sweet in the finish. Definitely a beer that I would love to have again and again. I guess my taste were not that bad but I still messed up by leaving it to waste. I have kept a few growlers for some time… ok, only like a week, but I will never again let this happen. Geez, unless… this becomes an experiment haha!


The Brave Experiment

2 thoughts on “The Brave Experiment

  1. I've only had an aged growler once. The owner assured me he had cleaned the hell out of it before getting it filled and then proceeded to get a REALLY tall fill on his growler. These two events ensured that very little harmful bacteria was in the growler initially and that very little oxygen was in the growler after it had been filled. The cap was dated and read \”2006.\” We drank it in April 2012. It was heaven.It CAN be done, but I'm still too scared to sacrifice any really good beer in the process. Good luck if you try it!


  2. Hmmm… That sounds like it would totally work. I bought the growler new so whatever standards they held is what it was up to. I can see myself trying to age one but I have to figure out what beer am I willing to leave to the will of Ninkasi.


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