1001 Beers: Oak Aged Yeti

Beer Number 5: Great Divide Brewing Company Oak Aged Yeti

I have always heard good things about the Yeti in all of it’s various forms and being from the Pacific NorthWest, I was wondering if any brewer could tame our famed monster into a bottle. I had my doubts, but now I am unsure. Did Brian Dunn really meet the beast? Capture him? and unleashed his tasty fury to the masses in a liquid form? I say,…. Yes. I commend thee.

I found a bottle of the original Yeti and Oak Aged Yeti at 99 Bottles, my favorite bottle shop in the PNW and I had to grab them. I wish I found the Chocolate Yeti or the Espresso Yeti but I will take what I can get. I have never had any of these and I have always heard great things.

So I didn’t really do a side by side of the two but I had them back to back. I thought the original Yeti was pretty damn good. I mean, it was creamy notes of roasted coffee. A very nice nutty character that interacted with the chocolate. But I thought the beer was a bit to hoppy. Very grassy hops that lingers into the finish. Also, very sweet.

When it came to the Oak Aged Yeti, I loved it a lot. It was very mellow comparatively. I loved how it seemed more milky, but still creamy. The tastiness along with the vanilla, from the French and American Oak blend? really made this beer to die for. Another thing I loved was the fact that the aging mellowed out the hops. I thought they were a tad overpowering in the original Yeti, exactly what I would expect from our beast, but not at all in the Oak Aged. This is an amazing Imperial Stout. I understand why it gets so much hype and I wish I could try the other versions.

996 Bottles of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Oak Aged Yeti

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