Freetail Brewing Company

Freetail Brewing Company. This was one of my most anticipated stops in Texas. Pizza, Beer, What more could one ask for? I found out… A lot.

The brewery had a really cool atmosphere. We were there ealier in the day so that staff was not that sociable, (yes, I am trying to justify it), we were pretty much the only ones there and my buddys were stuck watching the TV most of the time. I really don’t know what else to say… Anyway, The beer…

I ordered a flight of everything they had on tap. Of course, they would be out of several of their own house beers but thats ok, right? The first tray came out and on it the La Rubia, Rye Wit,Freetail Ale, Primavera Prematura, and Broken Promise. I wish I knew more about these beers or this brewery because maybe that would have helped but I really don’t know.

The La Rubia tasted kind of metallic to me. I didn’t think that made anysense being it was on draft. There were also hints of apple and it had a creamy mouthfeel. Not really what I was expecting from a blonde.

The Rye Wit was a tad sour up front. I could not tell if it was intentional or just a defect somewhere along the line. I think it could have worked. The beer was really dry and wine like. This may be what contributed to the sourness… It did have a nice rye spicyness, and a wheat sweetness, though.

This is another one of my peeves. Freetail Ale. It is an Amber ale. I understand that everyone has their own style of beer, how they make it, how they like it, and how they drink it but not everything needs to be hoppy, IMHO. This beer wasn’t overly hoppy but you lose all the characteristics of the amber nonetheless. Nice bitterness, though over powering in the finish. Grassy. Lingers. Not in a good way.

Just when I was about to give up hope about liking any of the samples that were brought to my table I stumble upon Premavera Prematura, a Saison. There is a lot I like about this beer. It really saved the day. I kind of wish I could have called it quits at this point. The expected yeast character did not come through as I hoped but it was a tad spicy and there was an underlying sweetness. This was probably due to the honey in which they use when they brew it. A floral nose and flavor was also right up front of this one.

Broken Promise EPA… I felt nothing of note for this brew as well. Nice, upfront hops but really, just alright. Very drinkable. At this point I do not know why I decided to ask for the second tray but I did anyway, so shame on me, right?

I am actually glad I did order the second tray though. This is where we got into the interesting beers. Things you would never expect and that no one else is doing. Prickly Fairy Peril, Spirulina Wit, Chile Limon Wit, and Ugly Ollie Stout.

Just check out the color on the Prickly Fairy Peril. So pink. I really had no idea what to expect. That goes the same for all of these… well, except the stout. On my first taste I was very confused. I could not stop drinking it but I did not want to proceed as well. Everyone else around the table hated it. I saw it as good for a taster but never a whole pint. Great nose. Very sweet, dry, pear flavor. Seems more winesque than beer. A great redeemer.

After that, I was expecting great things from Spirulina Wit… Meh, More of a wheat, don’t really know what to say. Nothing stood out. Oh well.

The Chile Limon. Well. It tasted exactly as it sounds. Again. Not much to say. Though, try it if you ever get the chance… or just eat something Chile Limon flavored and imagine it wet.

At least I can say the day ended with a Stout. Ugly Ollie, Love the roasted nose. Dark and cocoa… Ie… Very burnt at the start, mellows out light finish though flavor lingers. Malt bitterness. Coffee is of primary importance to this beer.

That finished up this trip. I was honestly expecting more from this brewery. I enjoyed my offerings from BJ’s more, and you know what I was expecting from them. Though, I had hard times finding craft beer in Texas. Only a few companies that I enjoyed and some I wish I could have gotten to.

So Long Texas.


Freetail Brewing Company

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