The Alamo Draft House

For this post, it will be kind of hard, but I will try and hide my excitement. This was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had in a movie theatre… and not just because I saw The Avengers. I was nearly as excited when I went to see SpiderMan 1, Inception, The Matrix, and countless other films… but you should have expected that from me already. This was simply because of the fact that it seemed as if the theatre catered to my every need… when it comes to food and craft beer that is. I also kind of pulled a dick move to see this movie, but I REALLY wanted to see it, and those who know me understand me know exactly why I purchased tickets even though there were not enough for our complete party available.

So, as you have expected, I went to the Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, Texas. I really wish I could have been there a few weeks ago in Austin for the Off Centered Film Fest, but I clearly missed that. Sucks. I heard Dogfish Head was there with some great stuff… and I would have loved to experience Austin. But, oh well, there will be other times… or maybe what I was looking for was just not worth it in the first place… Then again, my experience with 512 has been awesome so far. I wish I could get out there and see what they are all about.

That gets me to here. Over the course of the night, I had about 5 pints. I was actually disappointed they cut me off when they did. They did so with everybody but I was just not ready to stop. The movie just started to get interesting at this point. I started the night off with a Ranger Creek OPA, (Oatmeal Pale Ale), just because I have heard quite a bit about it and they were actually having a “release party” for it at another restaurant tonight.

It was dark in the theatre and cell phone use is kind of prohibited so I don’t have many pictures, but notes, quick, fast and to the point. I had a couple amazing beers tonight. Made the top of my top list, so here I go.

Ranger Creek OPA: Very Nice. Not what I was expecting from an IPA… though, the oatmeal probably had something to do with that. It had orange character, bready, but pretty much a Pale Ale.

After this beer I followed it up with a 512 Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter… This beer I thought was just amazing. It kind of threw me for a loop at first because the nose is overly intoxicating with the scent of the whiskey barrels, but not in a bad way. I thought the flavor would be completely over powering but it was actually quite smooth. I mean, I could totally taste it in there but, compared to my experience with the normal pecan porter, the pecan flavor really came through and lingered into the finish. I really appreciate this beer and hope to have it again someday. It was just what I needed on a day like today.

I decided to go with another Austin brew, from the Independence Brewing Company. Stash IPA. I am all about trying new beers from anybody out there and, even though this was an IPA, I said, “Why not, bring it to me!” They know exactly what they are doing. This IPA was very mellow. As if they actually paid attention to the history of this style and did not just try and hop bomb it. Very balanced. The malt was very present in the back and cut through the piney/orangey flavor of the hops. There was a bit of residual sweetness from the caramel malt I’d say.

After this I went with a semi familiar beer, just because I did not know what else they had and what I should do. I was very into the movie and it was dark, and I didn’t really want to try and read through the listing of beers and miss more than I already did being I had to; 1: Break the seal. 2: Trying to read the menu once already. 3: I don’t really have a three, but I didn’t want to create one either.

Magic Hat #9. I only had this beer once before and once again, it did not disappoint. Totally a mouth full of pretzel and cheese… or was it mustard… wait, I mean apricots… Stay focused. But the pretzel was awesome. There was a light bitterness and it was very delicate. Something meant to be enjoyed but not over done. I would love to try more from this brewery for sure.

The Last beer of the night was Shiners Wild Hare. Why did I get this one? Because I thought my waiter said it was Wild Hen. I have never heard of it and said, “That is what I want. BRING IT!” yeah, oh well… not saying Wild Hare isn’t good. It’s just I’ve had it time and time again. I guess it was a solid beer to go out on but I was trying to go for the unfamiliar. FAIL!

Well, here is a little something to enjoy as you finish this off.


The Alamo Draft House

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