My Martini

So this isn’t about beer, but it was definitely an experience.

I kind of expected this Sushi Restaurant to have a Chinese or Japanese beer I have never had before. They totally did… but my order skills were just not up to par.

The first beer I ordered, Asahi Black, got me really excited… not really. I assumed it would be just like the others and just like our American adjunct lagers. The waitress comes back to me and tells me, FAIL. Pick something else because we are out. No problem at this point. I just order Asahi Super Dry… Ok, I will be right back… she came right back alright… FAIL!!! She apologized and asked if there was anything else I would like. I told her to just surprise me and it didn’t have to be beer.

She comes back later with this totally fru-fru looking martini that she told me the bartender picked out because she didn’t want to serve me a bad drink. It was a Jalepeno Pear Martini… Weirdest name/combo I can think of but I was like hey, whatever.


That’s all I have to say.

My Martini

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