Blue Star Brewing Company

This is my first, and maybe only, brewery stop in Texas. Though I hear there are some pretty sweet ones, i.e. Ranger Creek, Freetail, and 512 (though, I do not believe this is remotely close to me). I suggested we come out to this place for one of my buddy’s birthday. It was really a ploy to get some decent beer and he was willing to try it out.

Their beer selection really disappointed me. I mean, I didn’t expect them to have a huge list of beers like other breweries I’ve been to but they only have 4 on the menu… They have seasonal releases from time to time but, you know. I was even more disappointed when I found out one of the beers ordered they were out of. At least they had Fish & Chips.

I pretty much found their beers to be average and their lineup, exactly what you would expect from a brewery. A Stout, a Pale, a Lager, and the curveball, The Barley Wine, King William. It wasn’t that bad but it didn’t drink like a Barley Wine at all. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing… One thing they did very well though was this…

That is one of the cleanest Black & Tans I have ever seen. I almost did not want to drink it. After I ordered it everyone else at the table got one for their selves.

This place was just an average brewery. The service was pretty slow, but they did get our order in for us without any problem. We were ordering off of the lunch menu but what they failed to tell us is that it was still breakfast/brunch for another 40 minutes.

As a first experience of a Texas brewery, not the best impression but hopefully my search becomes satisfied.


Blue Star Brewing Company

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