The Friendly Spot

Thanks to another buddy of mine, and the events of First Friday, I found and fell in love with this sweet little, Friendly Spot. Seriously, this is a craft beer lovers dream. With the weather of Texas, you could not ask for a better location.

The Friendly Spot is essentially a 100% outdoor craft beer bar. Truly amazing. They have 8 taps and a fridge full of a variety of bottled beer. I have been able to find brews from my favorite breweries, new breweries to me, and local Texas breweries. What more could you ask for? I was even able to find this gem.

I have always heard stories of the Magic Hat #9 but have never been able to experience it. When I finally got my hands on it, it did not disappoint. I didn’t get to properly taste the beers here, being they serve into plastic cups or straight from the bottle. I figured on this trip I would put my beer snobdom on hold and just enjoy it as presented but still savor every moment of it.

Just overall, this place had a really great feel. It is kind of a hipsters joint, but the people there were all just enjoying life. They even brought out their whole families. Dogs, children, etc.

This is another place that deserves a spot in the San Antonio Beer Hall of Fame because apparently there aren’t that many places to stop by. I definitely need a repeat visit before leaving. I just expected that Texas would have more beer. I hear Austin is an amazing place for that… maybe I will make a road trip.


The Friendly Spot

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