Bud Light Platinum

Yes, I know. But after all the hype that the Super Bowl gave it in their commercials, I decided, “if I found it, I would try it.”… and I did.

As you can see I have a real drink down there as well. A Vodka Gimlet. I love this tasty little delight. I pretty much love any thing simple with lime. The Gimlet, Mojito,… there has to be another one… but, back on track.

I didn’t have the opportunity to drink this one out of a glass. Ok, well, I didn’t feel like asking for one. Lazy, I know but after the fact I feel I drank this beer as they had originally intended it be done. Even when I am not thinking, I win.

I can’t remember who said it, but on Twitter someone I follow tweeted something along the lines of, “I love how Platinum is considered light at 6% when regular Bud is 5%.” Maybe they were referring to flavor… That is one thing I noticed. There was not much flavor in this already limited flavored beverage. I was trying to pick out if it was their signature green apple taste but the carbonation on this one was so high. They felt like little fizzy bubbles though. I thought that was interesting. The lack of flavor… well, me noticing one, may have been from the fact that this beer was insanly cold when I got it. I honestly do not know if this will be around long. Or if it is it will be pushed to the back like Bud 55 or Bud Select. I think there was another Bud out there that I cannot think of that got shelved pretty fast… or maybe that was Miller… but what do I know. It could be their next big thing… HAH!

Bud Light Platinum

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