1001 Beers: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Beer Number 3: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Finding these first few beers is going to be easy. There are some limited releases in this book but I guess now is a good time to get it. This brings us to Celebration Ale. Yum. I had this one once before but it had aged for a while so it is going to be interesting tasting a fresh bottle.

The first thing I noticed is the copper color. It was quite beautiful. This is what a beer should look like haha… I guess it truly depends on what you are drinking but this one was good.

It has a strong hop nose but you cannot tell this at all when it comes to the taste… Ok, maybe at first my palate was overloaded with hoppy goodness but that faded after a bit. It was very piney and broke down to a kind of sweet, caramel flavor that finished very creamy.

On my last experience it was pretty malty. I am glad I tasted the fresh batch but I think I prefer it aged.

There has been debate about the style of this beer. It talks about it in this book but even on the bottle. The book states that, “Celebration is one of the nation’s first American-style IPAs, and it is, simply, an IPA.” I can live with that. Though, I prefer Sierra Nevadas Torpedo to this any day… which is also in this book.

This beer is hopped like crazy but doesn’t seem like it. Dry hopped, hop torpedoed, and… well, whatever else they do to it. Great Ale none the less.

I gave this one a 4 out of 5… maybe I need to work on my rating system but this one is damn good. I should find a 6 pack and keep them for a long time haha. Apparently there are traders out there for older years… I wonder if anyone still has a bottle of the first year it was produced… hmmmm…

998 Bottles of Beer To Go! Prost!

1001 Beers: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

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