1001 Beers: Mothership Wit

Beer Number 2: New Belgium Mothership Wit

I think it is really funny how easily I found this beer. I guess it was widely released but when I found out it was on Indefinite Hiatus, I thought for sure that it would be hard to find. NOPE! I stop to 99 Bottles and it was right there in the door.

On my first experiences with this beer, I was not a fan. I gave it a few retries and I am glad I did.

This Organic Ale is very clean. Very, very clean. The appearance was even pretty clear. I was expecting it to be a bit more hazy especially after, “Flying The Mothership”, but maybe some things changed over time. I remember in the past it being more hazy. The color was a light straw I would say.

It has a citrusy nose and a very light bodied taste. First the orange rolls over the tongue and then a peppery finish pops in.

I would give this one a 4/5. Not my favorite offering from this brewery but something I would have every once in a while.

This puts me under 4 digits! I now only have 999 Beers left on this side mission haha!


1001 Beers: Mothership Wit

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