1001 Beers: Hell Or High Watermelon

Beer Number 1: Hell or High Watermelon.

So I do not know if I should really use this can for my review because I picked up a six pack for my sister in law back in August and I found 1 can left in the back of the fridge. I assumed it would be gone by this time, but hey, more for me to drink :p

I guess technically it meets all of the requirements, (it is a beer listed in the book and I found it), but maybe I should judge this on a fresh can… Nah! What is the worst that can happen? I enjoyed this beer on numerous occasions, so can it really be that bad 4 months later?

I find the story really interesting that the book gives about the creation of this brew, “… O’Sullivan took a U.S.-style wheat beer as his base and added 400 pounds of fresh watermelon for each twelve-barrel batch.”, “In order to meet demand, the brewery originally had to buy watermelon from all over the world,, wherever it was in season… It turned to a company that takes fresh watermelon and makes a puree concentrate.”

I wish I could have tasted a prebatch, to a post change batch but who knows if it actually changed all that much.

Now, here are my thoughts…

I find this beer to be a great summer ale. I remember drinking this on hot days in the San Fernando Valley. Though, drinking an old can… may not have been the best idea. The brew was really tart and aluminumy. The watermelon tasted more faint than I remember of this brew. On my previous experiences, the watermelon was in the forefront but it did not overpower in the least bit. The drinkability, (Budweiser thinks this is a real thing), is very high. It is a definite thirst quencher.

This is probably my favorite offering from 21st Amendment. You can see in my past post my “love” of this brewery but out of everything of theirs I have had, this is the only one I decided to revisit time and time again.

Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5 but great for hot summer days.

1000 Beers to Go! Hooah!

1001 Beers: Hell Or High Watermelon

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