1001 Beers

While at Macy*s returning a necklace that SWMBO decided that she had changed her mind on owning, we stumbled across this table that had a bunch of clearance merchandise on it. A lot of it was garbage but I noticed a book with the word “Beer” on the cover. Now, what would any self respecting enthusiast do at this point? I picked it up and thumbed through it, of course.

I thought it was pretty funny how many of the beers in the book I was like, had it, had it, had it, had it, had it, etc. It was a pretty good number, based on the ones I recognized, but all of those ones were either easily recognizable by anyone or things that our growing community would be able to pick out that others would not.

There were also a great number of beers that I have never heard of, partly because of their availability in my part of the country, but seemed like something I would definitely want to try. So, again, what did I do at this point? I got onto Amazon and checked out the price of the book on there 😀

I found out that at the time it would be cheaper for me to buy the book in store especially since I got an extra 15% off for just using my Macy*s card so it was like the perfect score. This then got me thinking… This blog is about my search of craft beer and my adventures in homebrewing. Occasionally I write formal reviews but most of it is just me having fun. So why not start a little side mission and review all 1001 beers in this book? That is exactly what I thought, so I am doing it!

I plan to go back and retry all of the ones I already had, so it is like a fresh start. Maybe this time around I will have a different view of them… or maybe not? The journey to finding these will also be pretty great. A major part of why I decided to do this.

There may be some issues with this though. I just found out that one of the brews in the book, New Belgiums Mothership Wit, is on an “Indefinite Hiatus” status but I won’t let something that trivial set me back. I didn’t really care for that brew the first time I had it anyway.

There is also the issue with beers I just had. Just a few days ago I had a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2011. If only I saved the bottle just a little longer it would have knocked a beer off of my list and I would be like, BOOYAHH 1000 BEERS TO GO!!! but maybe starting from scratch will end up being more enjoyable… not that I really need a reason to revisit that BarleyWine but there are some in the book that I really had no intentions on ever going back to. I wish I could give an example but I am too lazy to do the research atm.

I am curious at how many of these I can actually get through/will get through before I am bored of it and while just going along my normal drinking path. I guess only time will tell but it will all be documented here.

So, for now…

1001 to go. Prost!

1001 Beers

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