Still In Training, but Now Have Beer…

Well, sort of.

Man, these last few months has been crazy. There has been so much running through my mind and so much that I needed to do that I really had time to think about anything… and then, The first 4 phases of training ended, (of 5), and we were granted certain privileges… Ok, basically they said we can go off post or hang out in certain areas where alcohol was served while on post. The first thing I did, had some pizza and a beer.

This bottle only cost me $1 😀

I quickly found out that on post there was no good beer to be had, except for some Fat Tire at the Mini Mall. I also found out that no one really knew anything about craft beer. I was kind of expecting this. I got all of the “classic” responses when I turned down some of Americas finest BMC, “Oh, you like that Dark Beer?” and “Don’t you come ’round my area talking bout you not liking Budweiser, We don’t take to kindly to those folk.”.

It really makes me laugh but after so long and so many offers I took up on one. I started with the Heineken because I figured that was a step up and looking back on it, I wonder what I saw in it before. I always stated that Heineken was never bad, but man, that tasted like crap haha. and then I moved on to heavier lagers like Miller Lite and Coors Lite. Yeah, I know that goes against everything I was about before, but I wanted a drink so bad and it was raining down on me.

They tasted just as I expected… Well, I don’t know what I would describe the taste as… Aluminum? but none the less, I had my first beers.

It was awesome the one day they let us out to do anything we wanted for the whole day. A group of us went down to the River Walk out here in San Antonio and pretty much went bar hopping. The beer selection was pretty bad again but I got my first taste of Shiner bock. A decent “craft” beer but it seems to be like water in these parts. Everyone I know that has mentioned it has talked about how great it was, and I am not trashing it. I thought it was pretty good, like a 3.5 out of 5, but the best thing I have had for a while. Going to all the bars that day I had a few Macro brews that I threw down just because I was always curious but a lot of that day took me back to my love of the simple things in life, such as The Vodka Gimlet, the Mojito, etc etc…

But anyway, I am on the hunt for craft beer once again. I assumed that Texas would have a pretty decent scene. I mean, I assumed most of the state would be BMCland, but I have always heard good things about Austin, San Antonio, and… well, there is one other place but I cannot remember what it is. Even now, google isn’t being my friend. Maybe I am searching the right things but I cannot find a single craft beer bar in the city. I know there has to be at least 3. I wish the Ladies of Craft Beer had a map for San Antonio but what can I do… So for now, YAY BEER! but lets get something good soon.


Still In Training, but Now Have Beer…

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