Chimay Blue

So, I think something happened with these bottles. This time I successfully got the cage holding the cork on, but as soon as I pulled the cork off it began to gush… Man, I really want to know what happened. This is kind of annoying. I do not have that many more bottles in my cellar that moved or have corks but, again, I hope the rest are fine.

Appearance: This beer is very dark. Appears nearly black inside glass but when put up to the light it has a purple, grape juice/wine like shade. There is some sediment in my glass but I am writing that off as a side effect of my bottle gushing. It has a tan head that started off pretty big and settled over time. Very, very gorgeous in appearance.

Nose: The smell is sweet and alcoholic. In the other beers, I was hardly able to pull out the alcohol in the nose, but it is very prominent in this brew. I am not picking up the yeast like I thought I would.

Taste: I am getting a lot of dark fruits and it taste bready. Though, very mellow and somewhat malty. I picked up some plum… it kind of threw me off and I was thinking banana for a second, which didn’t make much sense to me. I was expecting a lot more alcohol in the taste being I picked up quite a bit of it in the nose, but it is very well hidden (as it warms up, it really comes out). Though, I could not find the yeast in the nose like I expected, I found it during tasting. The dark fruits in this beer linger with you long into the finish as well as a slight spiciness, like if you put too much pepper on your food.

Mouthfeel: This beer feels really thick but has low carbonation within it. This beer really coats the mouth and if you run your tongue around after the swallow, it is feels really slick.

Overall, I really enjoyed this beer. I have never tasted anything like it and I have always heard great things about Chimay. I would love to have fresh/non issue bottles of these brews, but that will have to wait. This bottle seemed to be more like the bottle of Red that I had… except, this one gushed. I just wish I knew what happened to these beers.

Chimay Blue

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