Beth’s Cafe

Let me start off by saying that I am crazy and I have eaten the 12 Egg Ham & Cheese Omelette 4 times, and succeeded 3 times… The 4th, I finished everything but the Hash Browns and toast. One night I was watching a Man vs Food Marathon and he gave me good ideas about places that I want to eat as well as grossed me out a few times with his “accomplishments”.

Speaking of which, Chunkys Four Horseman Burger is exactly what I will be eating once I get some privileges in San Antonio… Look it up, they don’t really have a website, at least I cannot find one. But imagine an insanely hot burger with Ghost Chili Peppers among others… I want! Apparently only 3 People have succeeded in this challenge. I plan to suffer through it 😀

So, the thing that annoyed me about one particular episode is that he was in my back yard and failed at something I have done time and time again. I had to step up and beat him at his own game.

Another side note, I noticed that the host of the show was getting fatter and fatter as the show progressed. In the marathon, the earlier episodes, he was a pretty clean cut guy. Not big, but not small and had this pretty kick ass leather jacket. As the show went on, his jacket got smaller on him and he seemed to stop taking care of himself… and turned into a fat man HAH!

So here it is. The Southwestern Exposure. 12 delicious eggs, filled with chili, steak, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, hashbrowns, on top of a bed of hashbrowns, and topped with toast… Sounds like an orgasm #INMYMOUTH

I started off pretty strong and it reminded me of the times I have done this before. This one was way bigger than before but I was pretty confident I could do it. Bite after bite went down and I was powering my way through it. My strategy was to eat fast, otherwise I would get full.

After being about halfway through, I knew I was screwed… I felt like I did after finishing 9 eggs of the other omelette. I then pulled out a full 6oz chunk that one would normally order alone at any other restaurant. That pretty much sucked. I haven’t touched my toast yet at this point but I was just about finished. I ate that steak and kept attacking the eggs. It was sooooooooo gooooooood, but so painful hahah! Everyone there told me that since I made it this far I had to keep going but it was hard. I powered through just over half of what I had left and then pulled out another steak chunk…

It was at this time that I was done. Out for the count. After seeing that I almost puked in my mouth a little bit… I didn’t though, I just accepted defeat and asked for my box… not that I really wanted to take it home either though. Nikkee drew this awesome picture of my failure and added the final words to it that showed the world how much I sucked :p

There seems to have only been like 3 eggs left… and 2 pounds of all the stuffing… I can’t believe that I wanted a beer after this. One of my old college friends wanted to go next door to this Australian bar and I wanted to drink so Australian beer so this worked out perfectly. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea though… not that it ended well but it took me over an hour to finish the ONLY Australian beer that they had in the whole bar… and it was not even on tap… I think they should revoke the license on this place…

It was just a BMC bar that had some good beer, i.e. Full Sail, but I came there to drink Australian beer. I only had one and left. Oh, well. I do not think my body could have held anything else. Coopers Sparkling Ale was not that good… 2/5 at best. I just went home and lounged out since I was stuffed as hell after this. YAY ME!

Beth’s Cafe

2 thoughts on “Beth’s Cafe

  1. You made a solid effort of finishing that omelette! Though I'd never do the challenge, if I had seen that first chunk of steak I would've called it a day and be over it lol. Would you ever try the challenge again with that omelette or would you go back to your ham and cheese omelette?Also, I agree with you about the host of Man vs. Food lol…definitely an unfortunate side effect from all the eating. While that show is interesting, it does make you wonder how people ever come up with such crazy food items…Good luck on that burger in TX!Btw, it was beyond lame that Toohey's is no longer being carried! I was disappointed in that Coopers beer. I am going to protest Toohey's…or just make my Oz friend's send me some lol…Too bad the bar wasn't as fun as I was hoping it'd be, but it was fun to catch up nonetheless 🙂


  2. That all depends, I may try it again someday just to see if I can finish it, but I am very content with just eating my Ham and Cheese. That is WAY!!! to much food to be eating lol. It was a fun experience though… and a stomach upsetting. If you happen to get any Toohey's, let me know 😉


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