Pike Brewing Co

Pike Brewing Company is totally one of those places that you have to go to if you ever visit Seattle and are at Pike Place Market. Honestly the beer was just ok in my opinion. I really appreciated that they brewed a Scotch Ale.

We headed up here to meet up with an old friend since we finally made it back to Seattle and I was very hungry by the time we got there already. I figured if I was going to eat, why not do it at the brewery 😀

I ordered the Fish and Chips, which seems like one of those things you have to do if you are eating on the water front. It was a great choice. I got my growler and then ran away. It was a totally over sized growler and that was awesome. They sold the standard one too but I did not want another twist top growler. I don’t really like the style but whatever. This was one expensive piece of glass though.

After this we went and did a few other things, like took a look at The Famous Gum Wall. It was so gross and you could smell the bums in the areas. I wish I was chewing some gum to add to the wall but NOPE! I haven’t chewed since High School. I was addicted to Ice Breakers back then. There is an antique shop not that far from Pike Place and I found some real gems there.

I found some Carboys with plugs and airlocks still intac, VHS tapes of Star Trek, and Tap Handles from numberous breweries. I found a Sierra Nevada one, Pyramid, and a New Belgium among others. Guess what I did…

TOOK IT HOME!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to get my brewery set back up again and put this on my kegerator.

Pike Brewing Co

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