Pizza, Awesome Patio and Great Craft Beer. This almost sums up this place… almost. You have to experience it for yourself. I am not sure if the Pizza is always there, it seemed like one of those food trucks but different but I am glad it was there when I got there.

We ended up here after leaving Chico and being on the road forever and needed to fill up my tank… Though, this was one of the originally planned stops. We ended up getting to our final destination very late due to this stop but it was completely worth it.

I got a little anxious before taking the picture.

They have a very simple line up of 5 year round beers and a few seasonal on their 8 taps. I found pretty much all of them very tasty. The only ones that were not on my list of must have these beers every time I find them were the DIPAs. SURPRISE! One of my favorite things about the beer was the fact that they gave you trading cards wtih all of the info on them. Loved it.

They had a lot of cool designs around the place and it is fairly large. We got a lot of attention while we were there because we brought Bebop, aka Bun Light with us and I guess animals on the patio is very rare.

The one thing that dissapointed me about this place is that they do not sell growlers due to their licensing… Oh, well. I got a Pint Glass but I would have loved to brought something home with me… then again their beers are fairly cheap. I think the most I’ve seen a Bomber of their beers going for was like $3.00. SCORE YEAH!


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