Westvleteren 12

Thank You So Much Louie! This beer was so damn excellent! It was so mellow and very delicious hahah!

S – You can definitely pick out the yeastyness of this brew, but it work out perfectly. The dark malts and a bit of sweetness is there as well. You taste all of this and more… There seems to be a perfect harmony of all of these scents and flavors though.

T – This beer was really Smooth… There is really no where to express this one. It had literally no bite, and tasted amazing. I see why it is rated the #1 beer on Beer Advocate. Like any good Belgian Quad, this has that dark Fruit flavor that totally does not over power. The Alcohol is not noticeable at all. I do not know how they do it. Caramel lacing my mouth, and the yeast came through in the best ways. This is a very flavorful ale… You must try to find a bottle of this to understand.

M – So smoooooooooooooooooooootheeee…. Yup. No other way to describe it. It seems really light in your mouth (at least before I let it warm up) but it does not seem that way at all…. I don’t know what I mean or what I am saying. It has the perfect mouthfeel. Lets just say that.

Westvleteren 12

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