Sierra Nevada

Wow… Just Wow…

I don’t really know what to say about this place. It was a beyond amazing experience coming here. I really wish that I would have gotten into town earlier or was able to stay another day here but yeah. I really wanted to do the tour and see everything hidden in that place, especially since I didn’t get into Beer Camp 😥

The restaurant and tasting room were fricken ridiculous. It was like a 5 Star Restaurant… or at least what I image one to be like. It totally fits the brewery but I was expecting something a lot different. I don’t really know, but not what I saw. It was sooooooo nice… and I was amazed by the beer.

As if you did not know that already. I got to taste several beers I have been looking for and found one of the worlds most secret, amazing tasting porters. I understand that the Pale is their Flagship beer, but people should really find this Porter. I used to only drink their Pale and Torpedo, being they are also more widely available than any of their other beers. In my area anyway. I finally got to taste Life And Limb and retried Big Foot 2011. I really have to find bottles of L&L and get a 6er of Big Foot 2012 to taste against my 2011 and future batches.

I thought it was pretty damn cool too that the whole parking lot was filled with Solar Panels. The lot also looked into their hop fields. I wanted to just run through them but I figured hopping the fence would have been more trouble than it was worth. I cannot wait to go back there again. I got my growler filled with their Porter and next time I go, I want to ride my bike.

Sierra Nevada

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