21st Amendment

So yeah… 21st Amendment. First off, driving in San Fransisco SUCKS!!! Never do it. Secondly, Do some research before you head into a city with horrible traffic. Apparently I went to town on a Gameday… Yup… Ugh, anyway.

When we first got here we had a bit of a wait. Which, was to be expected and not an issue. We were finally seated and then we were getting some above par service. Apparently they do not do tasters on game days, but I was brought out a few anyway. I had three of their beers before hand and thought one was great, Hell or High Watermelon, and thought the others were just meh.

The place started dying down and so did the amount of attention that we got… which did not make sense to me. I was repeatedly offered IPAs as well after telling the waitress that I did not want any. She kept telling me that, Well these low ABV beers are not worth it. If you are going to have anything get one of these… I honestly do not care about ABV, as I am sure many of you know and I wanted to drink The Blonde!

Everything just got more and more annoying. After not too long I just decided to get out of here. It then took us 20 minutes and asking 3 different people to get our check. I suggested that we just stand up and walk out the door but SWMBO was totally against that. Nobody would have even noticed. Out of all the beers I had, I still only liked one and was highly annoyed. Yeah, I didn’t even ask for a growler or glassware… don’t believe I missed out on anything.

21st Amendment

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