Russian River and Random Brewery Run In

After arriving in Cotati I did not waste anytime finding the breweries I added to my list. My first Stop ended up being Russian River… Yum. We were supposed to be meeting our Cousin there but she was running really late and I decided I was not going to wait any longer to experience the mind explosion waiting to happen.

A few people from Twitter were giving me a major break down on this brewery and what to do and what to order. Not that it would have been hard to figure out what I wanted to drink, I WANTED IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

But one thing I did not know about this place that was brought to my attention was the New Albion sign that was right above the bar, (I did not get a picture of this. I tried to make a trip back in order to get it but it did not happen in the time that I was there. I will get back in order to get it now that I have learned so much about it. I don’t think that parenthesis are supposed to go this long.)Apparently they were the first brewery to brew a stout after the end of Prohibition. The company went under but they still have a place in the brewing world today. Just last year Sierra Nevada released Jack and Kens 30th Anniversary BarleyWine, (have a bottle in the cellar), that is based off of the New Albion recipe from so long ago… man, I wish I would have snapped that picture… Oh well,… for now…

Anyway, drinking here was a delight, and the pizza was pretty damn good too. I remember I was looking forward so much to Consecration… and I was not really a fan. Let me know if you or anyone else had got these notes, but I swear I tasted Tobacco in this beer… It was very weird… Though, I did find and love Supplication! Highly recommend! I was in love with literally all of the beers here and I had some fun.

Finally my cousin showed up… well, kind of. She called us and asked where we were sitting because she was “here” and could not find us. Turned out that she was AT ANOTHER BREWERY RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!!!!!!!! I ordered my Growler of Pliny The Elder and guess where I went next!

Third Street Aleworks!

They gave me a massive flight of 13 4 ounce pours! They had pretty average beer overall but nothing was bad. They only sell their beer at that one location and not in stores so their mission is pretty straight forward. I was surprised with the Kolsch they brewed. Not many people make one, and not everyone should, but there should be more of them out there. Just saying.

I have several more stops here. So it is time to move on…

Russian River and Random Brewery Run In

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