Drink What You Damn Well Please Day

WOOT! West Coast Circle Jerk! I mean, wait… The first International IPA Day or something like that. My original intention were not to drink a single IPA today but I guess my plans totally messed this one up. I planned to head to a brewery today… Bear Republic.

The one thing that makes me mad about my visit here is I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MY AMAZING HAMBURGER!!! Before I go on, This burger was A Half Pound, Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in Bacon, with Onion Rings, Pepper Jack, and some crazy sauce. LOVED THIS BURGER! I want to have it again.

I loved this Brewery. As we were walking by I found some very delicious treats.

I kind of wanted to steal this spent grain to make something with, or remash and make a small beer.

Here is the spread. Some very awesome, awesome brews. Racer 5 got me my IPA Day Badge and there were many great beers to be had after that. Honestly though, Racer 5 has never tasted so good. As we left I saw something very exciting…

Guess where I decided to go!

I think this may have been a bad idea. I had very many, many great craft beers. Take a look.

18 4oz pours… This did not end well, well it did not end bad I survived though my palate was beyond crashed. The Beer Sanctuary was very nice… a few too many dogs for my taste, especially seeing as that there was never a dog for Lagunitas (learned that one on the tour), several of their beers were named after towns and apparently all of their beers start as seasonal releases and then if they are liked they move into the year round sector.

I got about halfway through this taster tray before I figured that if I were going to make it all the way, I would have to taste everything right now. I tried to take the best tasting notes possible but after a while everything began tasting like toffee. I love toffee but it did not seem right.

There were several beers that I went back to the next day in order to actually find out what I was tasting. I thought their growlers were kind of a rip, I mean it was cool that they gave it to me in a Mason Jar but they did not even brand it… wtf?

Drink What You Damn Well Please Day

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